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Arma Christi - Unveiling the Rose

Boxed Set The Hidden King of England

Queen Victoria had a legitimate firstborn son, Marcos Manoel, from her first marriage to Blind Prince George of Cumberland in 1834. Marcos Manoel was exiled to Portugal, presented with the Royal Marks in 1850, trained as the King from 1850 to 1855, then made King of England in 1869, as King John II of England, a title that can only be held by the Sangreal - the Blood Royal.

Queen Victoria celebrated this by opening Blackfriars Bridge and the Holborn Viaduct on the same day in October 1869. This was the Royal Mark.

Marcos Manoel's ancestry is traced back to the Two Jesuses and presents the Keys to London and Temple Bar. King John II Marcos Manoel is also descended from the Roman Caesars.



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